Little Hearts Nursery Facilities

Here is the safe, secure, airy, natural and bubbly environment for your children to learn. Buses, convenient classroom, sandpit, mud kitchen are the various facilities that we have to our own credit.

1.Transport Facility

Children are transported in the school buses from a radius of 40 to 80 Kms. daily to and fro the school campus.


2. Play Areas

 To complement our spacious and artistic education space, children have access to our top-of-the-range indoor play areas.


3. British EYFS Curriculum Classroom

  The spacious classrooms contain soothing wall color choices, built-in cabinetry, ample classroom storage, and lots of windows for bright, natural light. A prepared environment is essential to the British EYFS Curriculum Method and has been a cornerstone of the careful design and layout of each individual classroom within the school. All new materials are clean, organised, accessible, developmentally appropriate and the perfect size for little hands!


4. Our Campus

We have a purpose built, eco-friendly school with two large indoor play areas, IT suite, designated kitchen area and seating for all children to enjoy socializing with their friends.




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